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Has Your Computer Started Running Slow?

If your computer started slowing down recently, be it suddenly or gradually, the computer may be telling you there is something wrong.

Naturally, Windows machines (Windows 7 and higher) have been able to take care of themselves fairly well as far as maintaining it’s own performance.

We suggest if this behaviour ever starts that you should immediately back up essential files somewhere safe.

If the computer suddenly starts behaving unusually, such as becoming immensely slow, starts to say ‘not responding’, or gives you the dreaded ‘spinning wheel of death’ you may find simple software solutions will not cut it (despite what some ‘optimizers’ might promise you!).

Computers purchased between 2-8 years ago can greatly benefit from this one task: Replacing the main drive in the computer with an SSD!

SSDs (Solid State Drives) replace the main drive in the machine that holds all your files, replacing the older mechanical spinning drives with new ‘turbo’ type drives with no moving parts. This results in considerably faster speeds and a more responsive experience.

Doing this can improve your computers loading time anywhere between 5-20 times the current speed! What may have originally taken 5 minutes can get done in as quickly as 30 seconds!

Currently we can do this kind of service for nearly all types of computers with prices starting as low as $180. Give us a call if you are interested on 03-5480007 and enquire within. One of our technicians will be more than keen to help create the ideal solution for you.

Prices will vary depending on size of drive and what needs to be transferred.

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