Important Warning Ransomware Virus and its Variants

The Ransomware Virus is typically propagated as an attachment to a seemingly innocuous e-mail message, which appears to have been sent by a legitimate company or known user.

We have recently seen an increase in the number of people infected with the ‘ransomware’ virus.

Your only protection is a good backup.


Ask yourself the following questions

Do I have a backup?

Do I use the backup?

Have I checked the backup is working recently?

If you have answered NO to any of the above, your data may be at risk!


How it works

The ransomware virus targets all photos, documents, Outlook emails, PDF documents, videos.  If you store your files in the cloud (drop box, google drive, one drive) it is highly likely these will also be targeted.  If you have your backup drive connected at the time of the infection, it is highly likely this will also be targeted.

The virus encrypts all your files.  It then asks for payment to unencrypt your files.  Payment method is typically via the untraceable Bitcoin system.

Don’t be one of the 800,000+ people also infected with this virus.  Protect yourself and talk to us about your options.


How can we help?

Let us verify that your backup is working as expected.

Let us recommend a backup system for you.

If too late we can disable the virus on your computer but without a backup, we cannot get your files back.